Irina listened carefully to my challenges and goals, working with me to edit my wardrobe and put together a variety of work looks for my first “office job”. I had thought I needed to head to the shops, but it turned out that I have several weeks worth of outfits! This process saved me so much time, money and consumer guilt. I also feel she subtly taught me how I can make more thoughtful purchases when I do need to add pieces head and how I can dress in my personal style while still fitting into the company dress code. The cherry on top was she offered some great tips on how to travel light, while still having a variety of looks. As if this wasn’t enough, Irina’s warm and gentle approach put me at ease and created great outcomes without any pain points! I would wholeheartedly recommend Irina to anyone with a style challenge to address!

Emily, 45, December 2020

I was just in the process of starting to network for a potential new job. Irina did my wardrobe make over in the week before a big meeting with the people I needed to impress, and we picked out two main outfits I could choose between for the meeting. I remember going to bed the night before the meeting so confident and relaxed because I knew I had those (and lots of other great outfits) to choose from.

Rosemary, 42, September 2020

Irina was great at listening to what I wanted out of the session and giving me ideas that were aligned with my style which was very integral for me. Her passion for styling and working with what I already have in my wardrobe rather than buying lots of new clothes is evident. I really liked not feeling like I had to spend a fortune on an abundance of new clothes to obtain new looks.

Angela, 42, July 2020