What is a sustainable wardrobe? Definitions here can vary. For me, a sustainable wardrobe consists of items collected and cared for over the years, only highlighted by a few fashion items.
Like the person who wears it, a sustainable wardrobe evolves without following the latest trend.
In this package, you will discover your wardrobe and re-create it with thought and intention.

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How does it work? 

1. We will meet in person or via a video call for one-hour in-depth style consultation to identify your likes, lifestyle needs and style goals. The consultation includes a fun exercise to help you to determine your style. This appointment goes for about one hour and allows us to get to know each other before I come to your place. 

2. Next step is the Wardrobe Review in your home. We will start going through my styling edit system to help you identify the items you still love and are suitable for you.

We will go through your clothes and talk through the garments that you don’t know how to style or wish to wear more. 

I will give you styling advice on your pieces and accessories, and I will help you re-organise your closet. 

3. We will create new outfits and combine items you’d never considered putting together. You will see the mix and match opportunities are endless. 

4. I will advise and share my knowledge about how you can dress and present yourself with confidence in pieces that make you feel great. With sustainability and the environment in mind, I will show you how to get the best out of your wardrobe by creating many outfits and taking care of your garments. 

Why this package is for you:

  • find out what styles and colours suit you
  • get confidence in trying new styles
  • edit your wardrobe and re-organise it 
  • create new outfit options using the clothing you already have
  • get new ideas on mixing and matching your existing garments
  • learn how to make the most out of your wardrobe without buying new garments
  • identify key pieces that are missing from your wardrobe
  • have a plan on how to acquire new clothes in a sustainable way
  • learn about responsible fashion and hear my tips on fabrics, recycling and garment care
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Package includes:

  • Style consultation online or in person
  • Wardrobe Review
  • Personalised style guide reflecting your consultation, tips for your body-shape, style tips, colours and more
  • travel time

Investment: A$500
Timeframe: 4 hours

Optional package extensions: Personal Shopping 

Need some help to decide whether the package is right for you? Book in a free discovery call for more clarifications.

What clients say

The most considerable success from my session with Irina was having the vision of a minimal wardrobe and, at the same time, being able to create different outfits for work and saving time getting ready in the morning. Irina is a talented and personalised wardrobe editor, and I love what she is doing and her impact on the community.

Jeana, 39, May 2021

It was a pleasure to share my wardrobe with Irina. Irina is a lovely, professional and competent stylist that gives amazing and useful tips valuing your clothes. As a professional mother from overseas I sometimes had struggles to value myself. My wardrobe edit with Irina was an incredible experience. She helped me declutter my wardrobe, showed me how to store my clothes to have a better overview and gave lots of useful advises for great new combinations. The session helped me to feel more confident and to understand how to make best use of my clothes!

Simone, 40, January 2021

I would 100% recommend Irina. Irina has a very gentle style. She is warm and non-judgemental. She helped me to edit and create an out of office wardrobe. Initially, I had some anxiety about someone coming to edit my wardrobe. However, reviewing my garments thoughtfully helped me to understand styles, cuts and colours that feel good on and identify gaps in my wardrobe that will help bring some outfits together. She was particularly talented at helping me to put together outfits from several garments that I find difficult to style myself. 

Mari, 39, January 2021