This session builds on a Personal Shopping session and focuses on integrating the newly purchased items into your wardrobe

wardrobe with bag and clothes

How does it work? 

After our shopping session, you can book a time with me to integrate the newly purchased garments into your wardrobe. 

We will use the new garments to create several outfit combinations using your existing clothes.

You will see how many new outfits and will gain through a couple of newly purchased garments. 

Why this package is for you:

  • Maximise your wardrobe wearability
  • Mix and match new purchased pieces with your existing garments to create various looks
  • Be conscious about the items you have purchased

Package includes:

  • In-person wardrobe integration of your new pieces
  • Personalised style guide reflecting your consultation, tips for your body-shape, style tips, colours and more
  • travel time

Investment: $240
Timeframe: 1-2 hours