How to pack smart for a holiday

Packing for a holiday can be quite overwhelming. We want to be prepared for every occasion and activity. But then coming back noticing that didn’t wear half of our suitcase.

I used to be an over-packer. For one week of holidays I would pack a 25kg suitcase, only noticing at the end of a trip I didn’t wear half of the items. Once I went on a five weeks trip from Australia to Europe and America. I had to pack very smartly to prepare for all the different seasons from summer, autumn and winter. Following these tips helped me on my trip have countless outfits, be organised and not have to think too much about what to wear. 

To help you pack smart for your holiday and travel light I have put together my top tips. Hope you find this helpful. Happy travels!

1. Select basic pieces that will go with almost every outfit. This could be:
  • neutral shorts in dark and light
  • a neutral blouse
  • some neutral cardigans or jackets
  • a light dress or pair of pants
  • include some stretch fabric long sleeves for layering
2. Add some colourful interesting pieces, with pattern and different textures. For example: 
  • a short dress
  • a long dress
  • patterned skirt
  • coloured shirts
  • patterned tanks
  • patterned singlets.
3. Pay attention that all items complement each other. Have a maximum of two dressy items for a night out. 

This will allow you to mix and match as many outfits as possible. The more dressy pieces are for dinners out and can be worn a couple of times.

4. Only take pieces that you feel comfortable in and usually wear.

This will give you some confidence in new situations and places you haven’t been yet. You can rely on the comfort and the familiar.

5. Pack garments that you can fold and roll well and -don’t need ironing.

Not always there will be an iron at your accommodation, so better be prepared and take items which are easy to fold and can be worn without ironing. This could be garments made out of bamboo or viscose.

6. Three to four pairs of shoes are enough. For example:
  • sneakers for walks
  • sandals for dinners in two options (colour or heels)
  • flip flops for the beach
7. Take some accessories:
  • a hat
  • two colourful necklaces
  • a simple gold or silver necklace
  • a big shopper -bag for beach and day -time
  • a small clutch for a night out

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