How to dress post lockdown and feel great in your clothes again

The restrictions in the Greater Sydney area are slowly lifting. We have things to go to again. Last week I started receiving emails from restaurants, retailers, beauticians to book tables, invitations to visits the shops and reschedule my appointments. Our calendars are filling up fast, and sooner or later, we have to get dressed and leave the house. The questions we are facing are: ‘How to dress post lockdown?’, ‘Will I be overdressed for that restaurant?’, ‘How can I get dressed for work but still be comfortable?’, ‘How do I put an outfit together again?’

We want to feel good in our clothes. Because now it’s the time to get the dusty garments out of your closet and wear everything we might have bought in lockdown.

For some of us, what we used to wear pre-lockdown feels distant and a bit intimidating. We might have detached ourselves from our clothes or lost inspiration and confidence to express ourselves through our clothes the way we used to do.

Overthinking outfit choices isn’t going to help the anxiety we have about returning to our lives. But remember, what we wear is one of the things that lots of us can control. The key is to think less about the choices, pick what we enjoy wearing and focus on where we are going and who we are meeting.

And if you still want inspiration, here are my suggestions on how to start:

Clean your white sneakers you’ve been wearing so much

I haven been living in my white sneakers for the last three months and have not taken care of them well enough. Now is the time to give them a good clean. White sneakers are great to wear with nicer/ dressier clothes but still look casual and comfortable. Exactly what we need.

Reduce your choices

Are you finding it too overwhelming looking at a full wardrobe? Reorganise it and put away some of your clothes. Leave the ones for the upcoming season and which you love wearing! Less is more in this case.

Getting ready to dress for work

When your back to the office date is confirmed, start wearing your work outfits at home to get used to them again and see what still fits you well and what might need to be repaired, ironed, or washed. That way, going back to the office in an outfit you test drove before gives you a little bit more comfort.

Wear what makes you happy

Choose the outfits and garments you love and which make you happy when you wear them. Wear something you are comfortable in. Now it’s not the time to try something new if you feel overwhelmed by that idea.

Be comfortable with your lockdown kilos

Choose bottoms with a flexible waistline and clothes that drape the body rather than cling. Tops and shirts can sit flat against your body, and you don’t have to tuck them in. Shirt dresses and A-line dresses, which accommodate many sizes, are a great choice. You can read more about this topic in this great article by Marielle Elizabeth.

Add layers to dress up

Adding a layer, like a jacket, blazer, cardigan, even an oversized scarf, is a great little piece to elevate your outfit and often gives you that extra element of style.

Add some accessories

Accessorising with jewellery is the perfect way to dress up your look and elevate your outfit. You may want to choose bolder, eye-catching pieces to dress up simple clothes. For example, everything from a white peasant-style blouse to a little black dress can look stunning with a larger or even colourfully bold piece of jewellery.

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