How to beat wardrobe boredom? Follow the six steps and see your wardrobe in a new way

Having a sustainable wardrobe means wearing what you have over and over again and avoiding buying new things. Sometimes we can feel bored and not exciting with our wardrobe, longing for something new to add to it.
I have collected some tips, how you could beat this feeling and see your existing wardrobe in a new way and feel excited about it again. 

1. Reorganise your wardrobe 

Clean out and reorganise my closet is my favourite activity. You can sort your garments by categories and then by colours, cleaning up the shoes, and placing them nicely. Put away the not- seasonal items and bring out the seasonal ones. That is a great way to do a stock take and see what you have. Reconnecting with the garments always shows how much you own and how beautiful your clothes are. 

2. Get inspiration for new looks

Looking for new inspiration for outfit ideas is a great way to see your wardrobe from a new perspective. There are so many resources online where you can find new ideas. Search on Pinterest or Google specifically for the item you are looking for outfit ideas. There will be hundreds of suggestions! Look at your clothes with a fresh pair of eyes and try new combinations. You can also add new accessories to an outfit you like wearing. Try a new belt or scarf.You will be surprised how many options your wardrobe has to offer!

3. Wear your whole closet

Check out the items you haven’t worn for a while and bring them out back to life. Usually, these items are the ones bought for special occasions. If it is a dress you once bought for a wedding, see how you could dress it down with sneakers and a denim jacket. Are there more items you haven’t worn for a while? Give them an outing again. Wearing all the garments from your wardrobe on a regular rotation will give you more options. 

4. Swap clothes with your friend or shop your partner’s wardrobe

Can you ask a friend if they would be interested in swapping some clothes? Or give away some of the items you will not wear anymore to a friend, and that friend will automatically think of something they could give back to you from their existing wardrobe.Another tip is checking out your partner’s wardrobe. Are there any shirts or jumpers they don’t wear any more, which would look great on you? Take it, and you have a new piece. 

5. Redesign or alter your clothes

Are there any pieces in your wardrobe which fabrics you like but the cut/ shape of the garment is not very exciting anymore? See if you could get it altered or redesigned. It could be a dress changed into a top or a skirt. That is a great way to explore and be creative. 

6. Remember your why

I think we all fall into a phase where we are bored with our existing wardrobe. Remembering your WHY is the key to keep going and loving the clothes you already own. We all have different intentions and motivations, why we want to have a sustainable wardrobe. Going back to your values and remembering why it is essential to you will help you and motivate you again to wear your lovely clothes repeatedly because you know that shopping is not the answer. 

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