Why I joined the Slow Fashion movement

Remember those times when there were only two fashion seasons in a year? Spring/ Summer and Autumn/ Winter? Well nowadays the big fast fashion brands release 52 collections per year. This led to an unhealthy culture of over-consumption and has caused huge environmental damage.

I stopped buying from fast fashion brands a long time ago. I always found it overwhelming entering these stores. They were too crowded, with so many clothes which made me feel lost and indecisive, with too many items and collections to choose from. 

Back then I had little knowledge about how many clothes are thrown away by consumers each year, or the poor working conditions these clothing brands are made in. 

I decided to be part of it

Today after studying about sustainable fashion, it made sense to me. When a fashion brand releases 52 new collections each year for a very low price, it happens at the expense of quality and workers. 

The consumers (and brands) are left with so many garments, which at the end land in landfill. 

According to an article from The Guardian, 501 million kilograms of unwanted clothing ends up in landfill in Australia each year. That is enough to fill the Sydney Harbour! This is a very good reason for me to join the Slow Fashion movement. I now buy less, choose quality pieces and avoid the big fashion brands which have created a culture of over-consumption.

Slow Fashion movement is a part The Green Wave which is a global wave of people taking actions to push for political change. You can learn more about it here

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