Hello and Welcome! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and wanting to learn more about The Conscious Stylist.  

My name is Irina, and my passion is showing my clients how to utilise their existing wardrobe to create various looks and give them the tools and knowledge to build a sustainable wardrobe. 

I genuinely believe mixing and matching garments we own, avoiding purchasing new items whenever we can, and being aware of our wardrobe’s impact is the first step towards a sustainable wardrobe.

Being aware of my wardrobe and the clothes I wear was not always the case for me. In my late twenties, I spent my Saturdays in shopping malls. I was often buying clothes out of boredom or just because I liked them. There was a lot of impulse buying. I was chasing sale and following trends. 

In 2016 I moved from Germany to Australia and was packing my suitcase. Unconsciously, the clothes I choose were all my favourite pieces and good quality items. I wanted to make a great impression at work and feeling confident in what I wear when meeting new people.

I was wearing my clothes over and over again and felt great! I didn’t feel the need to buy new clothes. Because when you look good, you feel good. Am I right? Research says that our clothes affect our behaviour, attitudes, personality, mood, confidence, and even the way we interact with others. That was my first step towards a conscious closet, without even realising it! 

My conscious, sustainable styling journey started a couple of years ago when I went to an ethical fashion community event organised by tommie – the destination for creative women with a conscience. It was a panel discussion between local designers, shop owners and retailers representing sustainable and Australian made labels. I learned about their challenges and the negative impact of fast fashion on people and our environment. I found it inspiring and slowly started to change my shopping behaviour and be conscious of how much and where I buy my clothes.

The wish of teaching people how to live with a small wardrobe, mix and match what they have and how to shop consciously led to action. 

Beginning in 2020, I have completed my certificate for personal styling and image at the Australian Style Institute. I learned how to be a Stylist, and I created The Conscious Stylist. 

In July 2021 I have completed the Sustainable Fashion 101 course via the Wardrobe Crisis Academy.

So what do sustainability and a conscious wardrobe mean?

Our wardrobes have a much more significant impact on the environment than we might imagine. Fashion has become a form of consumption. Quick trends and low prices have lead us to fast fashion, often buying poorly made clothes.

It is in our power to make the change.

More of us are more conscious of what we eat. We have started going to local markets, buying local produce and organic food. We have also learned about recycling and how to reduce waste. We have taken action, and we now can take this step with our wardrobe.

As a conscious stylist, I will help you increase your awareness and give you the tools and knowledge to build an ethical wardrobe. After our sessions, you will approach fashion and new purchases more considerably.

A successful wardrobe isn’t necessarily a large one. It is one that gives you a choice and a good feeling every day. 

Yours in style,